Intelligent Typesetting – Accurate and Efficient

Perfect technology for a perfect workflow

Error-Free, Cross-Media Publication
metiTec is a software system for systematising data into an intelligent and dynamic layout. It automatically typesets image and text files for a single medium or across multiple media without any manual intervention or post-processing.

Our solution for smart publishing

Maximum efficiency, minimal costs
metiTec is ideal for extensive publications which contain large amounts of data, require frequent updates and have highly complex layouts. The typesetting cost-per-page drops with increasing volume, so the more you publish, the more significant the savings.

We make it possible

Customer-centric Engagement Model
We analyse your processes and develop a model to accommodate all the design requirements, providing you with a made-to-measure outfit for your publications. We encourage a close partnership while setting layout rules and support you throughout the publication process.

We understand your requirements

Quick and efficient
We specialise in producing journals and books as well as catalogues, directories, manuals, legal and technical documents. Our clients come from a range of sectors including the publishing, media and print industries.