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metiTec is ideal for publications which require frequent updates, for example, an online PDF preview of catalogues and other database-generated content. The processing speed of the typesetting machine enables end-users to generate individual PDFs on the fly, even from the internet.

metiTec is especially effective for producing extensive publications with highly complex layouts. Increasing the volume and frequency of use reduces the typesetting costs-per-page. In other words, the more publications or publication types of a similar or identical layout a company produces, the more cost-effective metiTec becomes. metiTec also offers an excellent processing capacity, with approximately 1000 pages per minute, depending on the layout and the computer used. Even the smallest micro-typographic measure has a significant effect ensuring typesetting quality beyond comparison.

metiTec can process Unicode data and has hyphenation rules for all European languages, so content can be published in any European language.

metiTec requires data from a source that is free of layout specifications. By separating content and layout, metiTec publications can be automatically typeset in the relevant format such as print PDF, online PDF, device-specific PDF, HTML5, EPUB, mobile application or other output formats. Content changes are automatically implemented in all output formats; this increases productivity and saves time and money.

Average pre-print costs: a comparison between metiTec and a conventional DTP system

“me-ti (now DocAlign) is certainly a new entrant in this market but it already offers a high level of competence. As far as I can tell, metiTec’s approach differs from other software companies. What is important for us is that me-ti can implement our largely word-based data much better; it is almost tailor-made. We are expecting a significant increase in operating speed...”

Wolfgang Andreae, Lexxion

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